Dijaliza Mali Lošinj

        Dom zdravlja PGŽ  - Ispostava Mali Lošinj              

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 "The Dialysis Center of Mali Losinj offers all a patient needs. Friendly and professionell working medical staff, modern equipment and hygienic treatment. Holidays and Dialysis at Mali Lošinj is a perfect combination."



1. Patients from Croatia need to attach a valid document from their head center and they don´t need to pay any treatment costs.

2. Patients from European Union need to attach valid European Health Insurance Card

3. Patients from other countries:

  • Convention about health insurance with Croatian health institute
  • Costs settlement by a private health insurance company. (At the moment there is a contract with the health insurance Coris). It is necessary to attach a guarantee from the private insurance company that the costs will be settled for a certain number of dialysis treatments.

4. In cash.